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  Find out more about important services that are available for families with young children in your community.

  Alliance Against Violence and Abuse
905 1st Avenue South, Escanaba, MI 49829, (906) 789-1166 24-HOUR CRISIS / (906) 789-5640 Fax / (800) 682-1649 Toll-Free - MICHIGAN ONLY / (906) 789-9207 Main / Email: SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Provides support, counseling and advocacy to victims of sexual assault of child abuse. Provides a 24 hour crisis line and safe shelter to victims of domestic violence and their children or victims of sexual assault. The victim can reside in the shelter up to 30 days. AREA SERVED: Delta, Menominee and Schoolcraft counties.

Bay Cliff Health Camp
310 W. Washington Street., Suite 300, Marquette, MI 49855, P.O. Box 310, Big Bay, MI 49808, (906) 345-9314 Administrative / (906) 345-9890 Fax. Email: Therapy camp that provides seven weeks of fun for handicapped children and adults of the Upper Peninsula. Provides the evaluation of performance skills of children who have learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, mental retardation or other psychomotor impairments, and help them to develop the fine and gross motor skills that are necessary for activities of daily living. Provides recreation camping experiences for adults and children with disabilities, some of the activities include boating, fishing, and arts and crafts.

Child Abuse Prevention and Family Preservation Services
Prevention services and family preservation services are a collaborative effort between the Michigan Department of Human Services (MDHS)and many partners. At the local level, the multi-purpose collaborative bodies (MPCB) work with MDHS to provide services. Funding is both state and federal. Contacts: local MDHS offices or the Field Services Division (517) 373-3465.

Children's Foster Care
This program provides placement and supervision to ensure permanency planning for children who are the responsibility of the Michigan Department of Human Services (MDHS) and have been removed from their parents by action of the court, or children whose parents have voluntarily given up their parental rights. Foster care services are provided through a partnership between MDHS and private non-profit licensed child care organizations. Funding is both state and federal. Contacts: local MDHS. offices.

Early Childhood Program
The MDS CAA Early Childhood Program provides Head Start and Michigan School Readiness Program preschool services through a variety of program options at centers located within Menominee, Delta, and Schoolcraft counties. Program options vary by site and may include: Center Based Option, 3 Day Combination Option, 2 Day Combination Option, Full Day/Full Year Blended Services and Child Care. PRESCHOOL SERVICES - Preschool services are provided for children and their families from pregnancy to age three, and are offered as part ofthe Early Childhood Program. Early Head Start services are available in Menominee, Delta, and Schoolcraft Counties.

Michigan Department of Human Services (MDHS)
2940 College Avenue, Escanaba, MI 49829, Local Office (906) 786-5394 / 1-888-264-6483 or (517) 373-0707 State Concern/Complaint Line. The Michigan Department of Human Services (MDHS) provides finacial assistance to those who are qualified for Family Assistance, Food Stamps, and the Medical Assistance Program. Other services and/or specialties include: Adoption, Adult Foster Care, Adult Protective Services, Child Foster Care and Licensing, Child Protective Services, Chore Services, Day Care Homes & Aide Licenseing, Deliquency Program (Court Referrals), Employment Services, Family Support, Medical Transportation, Shelter Homes, State Emergencies Relief/Utilities and Volunteer Services Program. STATE EMERGENCY RELIEF (SER): Provides limited short-term assistance to individuals and families facing emergencies. Covered services may include: rent/mortgage/tax payments to avoid homelessness; home repairs; appliances and furniture for victims of fire or other disasters; heating assistance; utility bills and burial assistance. HOTLINES: Child Abuse Hotlines / Domestic Violence Hotlines / Elder Abuse Reporting / Parenting Help Lines, and Runaway Hotlines which provide emergency assistance to individuals in need. CHILDREN'S PROTECTIVE SERVICES: Provides immediate investigation and protection to a child who is in possible danger of neglect or abuse. Services may include family support services, in-home treatment, arrangement of therapy, foster care treatment or adoption when necessary. CHILD SUPPORT/PATERNITY ESTABLISHMENT PROGRAM: Provides paternity determination, child support order, health insurance obligation order, enforcement and collection services to custodial families in a joint effort withthe prosecuting attorney and the Friend of the Court. CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION AND FAMILY PRESERVATION SERVICES: Provides a variety of short-term, intensive home based intervention services for families to preserve the family as a unit and prevent unnecessary placement of the children outside of the home. One of the main focuses is placed upon child abuse and or neglect prevention. CHILD FOSTER CARE: Provides placement and supervision to ensure permanency planning for children who have been removed from their parents by action of the court, or children whose parents have voluntarily given up their parental rights. STATE HEALTH CARE PROGRAMS (NON-MEDICAID): Provides health care coverage to individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements. All programs have an income test and some look at assets, these test vary with each program. Some may have a medical spend down amount, where the individual will be required to pay a set amount per month towards medical expenses before the coverage will be available.

Michigan Works! The Job Force Board Central Upper Peninsula
2950 College Avenue, Escanaba, MI 49829, (905) 786-0558 Main / (906) 789-9952 Fax, Email: Public/Private partnership providing human resource management and capacity building assistance to the local business community. BUSINESS/EMPLOYER SERVICES: One-stop centers which provide one-on-one business counseling; customized training; information about enterprise and empowerment zones for tax credits; access to government contacts; access to credit and financing resources; minority business development assistance; small business loan information; loan form preparation assistance; technical assistance on market research, marketing plans and business plans; and other support services for business owners and employers. YOUTH WORKS: Provides job preparation and job placement assistance. ADULT EMPLOYMENT SERVICES: Provides employment and training services which may include assessment, career management, job search assistance, resume preparation, labor market information, work-experience, on-the-job training, classroom training, and employment counseling.

Welcome Newborns Program
The Welcome Newborns progam provides every family with a newborn, a tote bag full of information on the development of their baby, the need for immunizations, parenting, the importance of reading to your baby, the affects of second hand smoke on children, and availabble community resources for the family in Delta County. Families receive Parenting the First Year Newsletter, which gives helpful hints to parents on their baby's development, parenting and the support of the family. Each month the family receives a newsletter outlining the age of the baby and the development. After the first year, the baby's family will continue to receive a newsletter for the baby's second and third year. This supports the family by giving them information on the development of the baby, what to expect, how to approach and parent young children, and how to take care of themselves so they can take care of their child. Welcome Newborns also provides a home visit to any family who requests it from our staff or a volunteer. The visitor reviews the information in the tote bag, goes over the curriculum "Don't Croak on Secondhand Smoke", answers questions about the baby and gives information on community resources, and provides the family with a gift for the baby. For more information about Welcome Newborns contact the MSU Extension Office at 786-3032

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